IFTTT for automating Blog Feeds

Sometimes we don’t know what web platforms our customers, or consumers of our information, like to visit to hear what’s going on in our industry.

The proverbial question of “how do I reach more people?” ails many business owners.

The answer: Be everywhere you can possibly be, frequently. Omnipotence.

In my search for ways to be in as many places as possible, with as little effort as possible, I came across IFTTT.com

By utilizing IFTTT, my plan is to share Posts, like this one, directly to Blogger (aka Blogspot), Twitter, and Tumblr via automating this website’s RSS feed. In fact this is the first post created since implementing IFTTT. So, you could say this is a dummy post to test the applets created at IFTTT.

I’m excited to see if this works!

If you found this post via one of the platforms above, toss me an email at [email protected]! Cheers!