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You’ve arrived at Stone Amp SEO‘s webpage for helping businesses with their Kansas City SEO-related needs. Read below to determine if ranking your website on Google is the right marketing move for building a broader client base!

Why ranking your website on Google is so important

Most businesses are finding that it’s critical to rank organically on Google.

By sharing information about their products and services, before their prospective client contacts them, highly ranked KC businesses online can have more meaningful conversations when their new customers call to make a purchase decision.

You should not wait around to decide if ranking on Google is right for you.

Those who wait, end up further behind the competition, regretting they hadn’t started ranking sooner.

How does ranking with Google help my business?

Many businesses are finding that more and more customers are searching for products and services online, before purchasing.

Companies that are ranking at the top of Google receive more attention from these information-gathering consumers, giving these companies the best opportunity to create a new customer or provide helpful information to their existing customers.

Because your website is online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the opportunity to capture new business has never been more accessible.

Imagine, the message you wish to share with the world is available all the time, but only if your message can be found online.

Ranking on Google is so important and Stone AMP SEO is here to help with Kansas City SEO

Creating an online asset through SEO for your Kansas City location

You don’t have to be a merger and acquisition expert or hold an MBA to know that any property owned by a business that produces cash flow is considered an asset.

When your website’s content is persuasive enough for a person to take action by purchasing from your company, then you’ve created an asset.

But first, your prospect must be able to find your company online. There’s no doubt it’s easier to be seen when you’re on page one of Google.

Is ranking your website on Google right for your KC business?

Some people struggle with their marketing.

As a business, when we hear the word “marketing,” we think a bottomless pit with uncertain rewards.

By optimizing your website and ranking on Google, you position your company to receive ‘free traffic,’ for as long as you stay on top!

Determining if SEO is right for your business.

The quickest way to determine if ranking on Google is right for your business is by running some fast numbers.

    • Here are some values needed to help you make that determination.
  • What is the LTV (Lifetime Value) of a customer for your business?
  • How many people must you talk to about your products or services to gain a new customer? (Conversion Rate)?
  • What are you comfortable spending to acquire a new customer?

Calculating Return on Investment for Marketing through SEO

Let’s take a Chiropractor practice located in Kansas City, Missouri, or Kansas City, Kansas.

The LTV is $3,000 per customer.

Of the 100 people introduced to the practice, only three people become a client. A 3% Conversion Rate

The chiropractor is comfortable investing $30 for every new opportunity to create one client or $3000 (100 people at $30 each.) to produce $9,000 of new business. (3 new clients each month). That’s a positive cash flow of $6,000. Their website is indeed a business asset.

Finding new customers online through KC SEO rankings

Ranking your website in Kansas City to help of Stone AMP SEO

Stone Amp SEO identifies search phrases, or keywords, commonly entered in the search engines every month.

By ranking our clients’ websites for these specific keywords, we position our clients for highly targeted consumers.

Using our example above, we know that the chiropractor needs 100 visitors each month to their website to gain three new clients.

Using various tools for keyword research, we uncover search phrases such as “chiropractor Orlando” with a search volume of 720 per month and “chiropractors Florida” with a search volume of 420 per month.

By ranking for these search phrases, we can expect approximately 300 visitors each month to their website. If our client maintained their 3% conversion rate, they’ve created nine new clients or $27,000 of new business.

Remember, this is three new clients each month from free traffic!

Is our Kansas City SEO Agency a good fit for your ranking goals?

You may be like many businesses we visit with; you’ve tried SEO in the past, and you were burned.

We continually hear about agencies that sell SEO services and don’t deliver.

Even larger web hosting companies (think the opposite of ‘Stay Mommy’) charge a monthly fee for SEO and do not provide real website optimization or ranking results.

Listen, everyone has had a crummy car mechanic in the past, but if our car must get us where we need to be, we’ll continue looking until we find someone to make things right with our vehicle.

Your company website is no different, it’s your vehicle to new customers, and we’re the technical mechanics that can tune up your site so that you can arrive at your online ranking destination!

We are the right KC SEO Agency for your online needs!

Our clients mean the world to us!

All businesses are not created equally, nor do they behave the same. We’re aware that your business is like no other, you’ve created an offering that’s better than the others.

You aren’t a run-of-the-mill type of business. You need an agency that can customize an SEO solution to fit your needs.

We’ve successfully worked within various industries including medical, beauty and health, clothing fashion, legal, home & garden, and more.

We accommodate our clients’ needs while remaining within their budget and timelines.

See how we can find success for you in Kansas City!

Stone AMP SEO Kansas City Marketing agency here for ranking your website on Google

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    What is Kansas City SEO?

    For Kansas City, and everywhere, SEO, or search engine optimization, is the art and science of creating content on your website that best answers a search query when executed on Google.

    What does Local SEO mean for Kansas City?

    Local SEO is search engine optimization focused on local area search results. Brick and mortar businesses in Kansas City typically target customers that are located near them.

    How soon will my Kansas City website see results from SEO?

    SEO, in Kansas City and elsewhere, can take time, depending on the difficulty or competition that currently exists online for a particular search phrase. Getting results for 'Kansas City SEO' is less difficult than only going after the word 'SEO'.

    How do I know if SEO is right for my KC business marketing?

    Many SEO Agencies can do keyword research on your behalf to see if there are customers searching for your products or services in Kansas City, helping you determine if SEO is worth the investment.

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